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I'm 22. Female. Living in ass rape Pennsylvania. (And it's not as entertaining as it sounds, trust me.) I work at a hotel to save up money for college. It's not going too well.


Freaky. Geeky. Sarcastic. Narcissistic. Self-Loathing. Smart. Moronic. Easily Amused. Easily Bored. Sensitive. Bitchy. Obsessive. Confused. Depressed. Hyper. Funny. Self Indulgent. Liberal. Weird.

What's Here:

A bit of my real life and a whole lot of fangirl flailing. There will be fanfics, rants and links to things I find entertaining.


This journal is my place to fangirl all over the place and post every perverted, eyebrow raising thought that wanders into my head. You never know what you'll find here, but this is definitely an adult journal. So, if you're not an adult (and a fairly perverse one at that) please don't read. Also, if you have a problem with the boy!love you might as well just turn around and wander on.

Shows I Obsess Over:

Supernatural. Heroes. Grey's Anatomy. The Riches. Blood Ties. Buffy. Queer as Folk.

Supernatural Fanfic - Of the adult, Wincesty variety.
My Prompts - Which I'm sure will be of no interest to anyone but me.

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