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Punishing the keyboard
I'm thrilled that Supernatural is getting so much news lately. I… 
14th-Nov-2008 02:25 pm
Holy Crap Batman
I'm thrilled that Supernatural is getting so much news lately. I think they've had some sort of feature in TV Guide just about every week. It's pretty exciting, and long overdue.

I can't say I understand exactly why it's happening now. Maybe it had something to do with Jensen's movie. Or ... maybe it was just time.

I mean, the show has been good this season. It's almost a throwback to season one. There's a definitely sense of fun, which I do enjoy. There are elements of their crackier episodes in just about every episode. I mean, the talking Teddy? That was both crack on a stick and absolutely brilliant. Truthfully, it mirrors the seventh season of Buffy a little bit. Dean's head is so dark and there's so much shit going down that they're purposefully creating light episodes and then implanting the angst into them in order to keep it from turning too painful to watch. Personally, I could go for just a little more angst on Dean's part, but that's just my personal kick. Also, the season is young and I'm sure everything is going to come out in its due time.

Or, maybe the whole god situation is a new theme that more people can get behind. I'm not completely sure. I mean, the episodes have been good. The acting has been good. (With a few exceptions, but hey.) But I still think that the second season was better.

Though, I come back to the talking Teddy ... because that was just brilliant. I really am impressed with the writing. They manage to create themes each week and work them into the script in a way that's both insightful and hilarious. I mean, on the surface that episode was just a funny, random little outing. But it ties incredibly well into Dean's mind frame and the issues that he's going through.

What's the point of life? Can't get things just by wishing for them. Have to work and work and work, and then die, come back, and work some god damn more. And learning that Sam wouldn't wish to go back to Jess, but would rather wish for Lilith's head on a plate? ... That's a nice insight into Sam's character.

Anyway, it's a good season. And it's about damn time that Supernatural got a little more recognition.